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Expert Advice For Writing A Film Screenplay

Fragments Festival

Feature films can be inspiring and entertaining and have the potential to deliver a profound message to viewers. Here is professional advice for writing a film screenplay for your own story.

A screenplay or otherwise known as a ‘’movie script’’ is like a blueprint for any feature film. The screenplay is a detailed account of the film’s plot, characters, and setting.

Through a script, you can communicate in detail the characters’ actions, emotions, movements, language, and more. You can even write how characters move and act in a fictional setting.

Expert Advice For Writing A Film Screenplay 1 - Expert Advice For Writing A Film Screenplay

Before you get started with the screenplay, it is best to write down all your story ideas on a normal piece of paper. Use words, phrases, or short paragraphs. Don’t worry too much about organising them at this stage.

You can watch videos or look at pictures to inspire your creativity. Write down your thoughts as they come to mind.

Once you have a scribbled all your thoughts and ideas on a page, you can think a little deeper about organising them into a structure. Organising your thoughts will help you to create a skeleton of the screenplay. Ensure the screenplay has a beginning, middle, and end.

Expert Advice For Writing A Film Screenplay 2 - Expert Advice For Writing A Film Screenplay

When everything is a little more organised, you can proceed to write the introduction for your screenplay. Slowly fill in the gaps in the story by using the ideas from the brainstorming session. Immerse yourself in the screenplay and put yourself in the shoes of the characters that you have created.

Finally, when the first draft is complete, it may be necessary to take a break from work. You cannot start editing before you have cleared your mind of clutter. Read the whole screenplay before starting the editing process.

Expert Advice For Writing A Film Screenplay 3 - Expert Advice For Writing A Film Screenplay

The premise of the story does not need to be complicated. There have been many great stories written with a simple premise. For example, you can write a compelling story about a woman and her career development.

The audience needs to relate to a story to find it compelling. A good story is often easy to read and follow. A screenplay can’t compromise on the planning stage of the writing process. Take every step of the process seriously, and have fun!

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