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Defining Characteristics of Feature Films

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Feature films make up the brunt of the revenue for movie production companies in the US. Yet, the film industry continues to expand across the world. Feature films have earned a reputation and share several defining characteristics.

If there is one thing that separates feature films from all other forms of video in the film industry, then it is the size of the revenue. The Box Office has seen feature films surge past the 1 Billion Dollar mark on numerous occasions.

Exceptional real-life dramas like Titanic still have many followers from decades past. Yet, technological advancements in graphics and special effects have given rise to memorable films like Avatar and countless Animation films that have also amassed billions of dollars.

There are so many video clips and streaming channels online it is hard to keep track. Even though short films and streaming channels are becoming increasingly popular among fans, full-length feature films continue to reel in greater revenues.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences states that the running time of feature films is normally the main factor differentiating a feature film from other types of videos.

Most film producers define feature films as videos with a running time greater than 40 minutes. Short videos are normally referred to as short films. Full-length feature films sometimes have a bigger budget than short films.

Full-length feature films go through stages of production that can last for the better part of a year or more, whereas short films can finish shooting within a couple of days. The longer it takes for a movie to finish production, the more expensive it will likely be.

However, short films play an important role in the film industry as they can act as valuable resources for self-critique, helping producers to improve or cut scenes from a production.

Some movie fanatics might enjoy sitting through a 2-hour-long movie, whereas others might prefer shorter films to keep them entertained.

The movie industry keeps growing. Film producers and film festivals are always finding innovative ways to entertain audiences.