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Fragments Festival is an exciting platform that you can use to find out more about films, screenplay writing, events, festivals, history, and the latest news in the industry.

If you are keen on learning more about the film industry, then you are in the right place. Discover how gambling games have shaped modern cinema. The casino floor has inspired some of the best movie blockbusters in recent memory.

We each hold the memory of our favourite scene in a movie close to our hearts. Casino-themed movies like 21 and the Ocean’s Trilogy have produced memorable scenes that still delight fans to this day. Learn about classic scenes and real-life events that have been dramatised on the silver screen.

If you are keen on sharing your personal experiences with films and cinema, you are welcome to write to us. Join a community of people and discuss your favourite films with other fans.

Ever wondered what defines a feature film? Find out all about full-length feature films and why they make up most of the revenue for production studios. Also, learn what differentiates short films from full-length feature films. Feature films like Avatar and Titanic still have many followers to this day.

If you are keen on learning more about screenplay writing, you can get some expert tips on this site. The planning process is extremely important when it comes to screenplay writing. After writing the draft for your screenplay, you are almost ready to start the editing process.

Get a glimpse at some of the most intriguing film festivals around the world. The Cannes Film Festival is the biggest film festival in the world, but you will need to get a VIP ticket if you want to join the celebs at their exclusive events.

Finally, read a short history of the birth of cinema in London. Discover why the film industry plays such a central role in London society.